I won’t say I’m healed.
I’m not sure I ever can.

I will always have a piece of my heart,
my mind, my body, my soul

But I am living.
And I am happy.

And those are two things
I had a very hard time imagining
doing successfully
three-and-a-half years ago.

I can imagine some of you
who find this blog
are like me,
back then…

desperately searching
for something to get through the day.

To hear from someone
who has been there and been back…

to read exactly where they were
and how they felt
after their loss.

I would find blogs
and search to the exact same
“timing” post-loss
that I was.

Just to feel less alone.
Less crazy.

I didn’t start this blog until
four months after losing

But I did keep a journal.

Reading it can still make me cry,
but it also makes me realize
how far I’ve come.

And if I can come this far,
I know you can too.

So every day for
the rest of this month
I will be sharing excerpts from my journal
in the first 70 days
after losing

If it helps just one mama
out there
feel less alone
and more hopeful
then it will be worth it.

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