Every life counts

took on a new significance
to me after

Every little creature
seemed more valuable.

was so tiny,
and so invisible to so many people,
I started valuing
other tiny lives…

like, for example,
(brace yourselves)


one of my favorite creatures.

I’ve always been
irrationally terrified of them.

(Tom wonders
how I ever managed to live
in Central America
and why I want to move back to
South America
with him…
but for some reason,
alligators, snakes and scorpions
don’t scare me nearly as much as


in my “before” life,
my typical way of
taking care of spiders
was with the
vacuum cleaner.

My dear husband
thinks all creatures,
and I do mean all,
are cute and sweet
and so he quickly put a stop
to that
and would “rescue” spiders
for me
(or should I say from me?)
and pick them up
and gently place them outside
(where they belong! I might add).

But after
I became much more aware
of the sanctity of all life
when I was pregnant with Liam
I became convinced
that it would be bad karma
if I killed any creature.

So no more vacuum-cleaning for me…

All winter
we had a (disgusting) little
nest of spider eggs
(I think that’s what it is, I’m no expert)
sitting outside our kitchen window.

I wanted them GONE
but I just could not do it…

I couldn’t kill a nest of
baby spiders.

But I’ve been dreading
when they would hatch,
afraid they’d scramble
into our nice warm house.

Now that it’s spring,
they are still there…

Tom thinks they died
during our hard winter.

And I’m a little bit sad about that.
If I’m honest,
I will also say
I’m a little bit relieved.

In any case,
although I do believe
every life counts…
and since Liam has been born,
I have personally “rescued”
3 spiders myself
(I want to be a good example,
and not raise Liam to be afraid of spiders)…

I must confess that
the other day I was confronted
with two spiders in our kitchen.

It was too much for me.

I panicked
and out came the vacuum cleaner.

But I first said a little prayer for them.

I hope God forgives me. 😦

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  1. Here’s a creepier thought for you Steph, maybe the spiders don’t die when you vacuum them up, maybe they thrive on all the other stuff you vacuumed up with them. Eeek. My niece has tried to teach us to respect spiders and their homes, she is so sweet, but it is a hard lesson to learn in our own homes. I tell my kids the bugs outside are fine, that’s where they belong, stop screaming about them.

  2. Hi Kareena. My sister-in-law actually conducted an “experiment” to ensure that if she vacuums spiders up, they don’t crawl out later. It involved cheesecloth, and she said we are safe. 🙂 I just hope they die quickly, because it must not be very pleasant in there. Oh, now I feel bad again. Poor little spiders.

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