Just spent Christmas
with my family
via skype,
which cheered me up,
and also got an email from a friend
who visited
grave today
and sent me a picture. 🙂

So we’re off to bed soon,
but I’m glad that even if we didn’t start
Christmas off very grateful,
we are ending it that way.

and her little brother’s health
are enough to make me
one very happy mama today.

That’s the best gift.

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  1. We had so much fun “visiting” with you on skype this morning while opening our presents. We just wish that you were here in person with us. And of course we wish with all our hearts that Malou could be enjoying her 2nd Christmas here on earth. Christmas just isn’t the same without everyone here at home. We understand why and are willing to share you with your Danish family but…selfishly wish you could be here every Christmas.
    And of course I, as your worried mama, feel the need to see or talk to you every few hours since your last hospital stay. I want these next few weeks to go by uneventfully, safely and easily for you. No more scares. Just grow that baby boy big and strong.
    Talk to you soon. Love you….

  2. What a great thing to share Christmas over Skype with the family. I wish my Skype was working as well as that. Maybe we could have talked a bit better but it was good to hear you voice 10 mins ago. Please take good care of yourself and BB, I know you are and Tom is doing all he can too.
    Miss you heaps. I will sms on your birthday.
    Big hugs.

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