Wave of Light

One year ago today
I started this blog
with this post.

I didn’t know where it would take me,
I just knew I needed to express
my grief, and more importantly,
my love
for my daughter,
somewhere, somehow.

It had to get out.

Thank you so much for supporting me
through my many ups and downs,
and making me feel like I wasn’t alone.
That I can get through this.

I know not everything I write
is pleasant to read,
and is in fact too painful
for some of my friends and family to read.

I understand that.
So for those of you still reading along,
publicly commenting
silently praying,
thank you.

I am not sure how I could have gotten through
this last year
without this outlet,
and without meeting so many
other lovely, thoughful, understanding
babyloss mamas.

Last month,
I thought this might be the time
to slow this blog down…

but I still have a few things to say,
so I will continue
posting on Wednesdays,
for my beautiful little girl.

And what you can do for me,
for your babies,
for all the babies of the world we’ve lost,
is light a candle.

It’s a nice image,
a continuous wave of light.

I am going to light one of the
dragonfly candles
my cousin Becky gave me,
and right next to it,
I am going to light another candle
for my cousin Michele,
a loving mama who left this world
22 years ago today,
and whom I imagine holding
my darling daughter
in her arms in heaven
until I can get there.

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  1. I definitely will be lighting my candles. Thank you for reminding me of the date. Love you all….

  2. A light will be lit for Malou at our house Steph…thanks for the reminder. Miss you and thinking of you everyday! Love you

  3. I will definately be lighting a big candle tonight for Malou. I think this is a great idea. I will also light one for you and Tom too as I send my prayers to you all.
    Big Hugs.

  4. I will have several candles lit thoughout my house tonight. Love, Becky

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