The presence of her absence

Click here to read about the
loss of a child
on the Grief Blog.

I have been reminded of
even more than usual.

Today, unexpectedly,
a consultant that I worked with in my prior job
walked into our office.

I haven’t seen him
since the day before

I remember he told me
his wife had just given birth
two days earlier
to a little girl named
Liv (which means Life in English).

I told him how excited
I was to meet my little girl.

Little did I know,
I’d only have to wait 3 more days,
instead of two more months.

So seeing him today
immediately made me think of
his little girl, aptly named,
and of all the things she is experiencing
never will.

It’s my loss,
but it’s also

I wanted her to have
a long, happy, healthy life,
not just for me,
but for her.

I really hope she’s looking down at me,
laughing to herself,
thinking the joke’s on me,
that her life,
wherever she is,
is perfect
and better
than any of us could ever imagine.

I love you, my dear daughter.
Sov sødt.

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  1. I miss her with you.

  2. I hope that Malou is looking down at you from that perfect place. That place beyond all of our imaginings. xx

  3. I am sure Malou is smiling down on you and these reminders are just that. Reminding you that she IS looking down and taking everything in, 🙂 She is our little angel. Take care.

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