*Quick Update*

Mom’s in town
and we just got back from
a trip to
beautiful Skagen
at the very tip of Denmark
(and the northernmost part
of mainland Europe,
and the place where two seas meet-
pictures to be posted later)

and today we’re off to
the island where Tom and I got married.

Last Friday,
we went for my 12 week ultrasound,
which turned out ultimately just fine,
but was a fairly hellish 3+ hours
at the hospital.

I asked the doctor to tell me
right away if the baby was living,
but he took a (long) minute
once the ultrasound started
and I had to ask,
“Is the baby alive?”

He said yes,
but he was looking so intently
at the screen
that I couldn’t help
but worry a teensy bit.

He then said one side of my
uterine wall looked thicker than the other
and he wanted a specialist to look at it.

Flashback to
last ultrasound,
to hear a doctor call
for another doctor
to check things out.

The second doctor comes in,
agrees with the first,
and they tell me I have to go
to the special ultrasound clinic
for further testing,
because they think
I may have a
cornual pregnancy
(which is kind of like
an ectopic pregnancy).

I didn’t know at the time thatΒ that meant
they would have to surgically
remove our perfectly healthy baby
as well as a part of my uterus,
but I did have a bad feeling.

So we had to wait two hours
for the head doctor at the ultrasound clinic
to squeeze us in
(all the while, waiting in a room
full of happy pregnant women)…

I thought I might go crazy,
but we (mom, Tom and I)
held it together more or less.

Tom was having a really hard time
because it was bringing back
some very sad memories
and he wasn’t sure he could even go
into the room with me.

I, of course, didn’t have a choice. πŸ˜‰

Ultimately, we decided to in just the two of us
and leave poor mom outside…
and that’s when we got some of
the best news of our lives!

The baby looks fine,
both in size (measuring
EXACTLY on schedule at 12w1d)
and in position in the uterus.

She saw no cause for alarm.

I was sobbing on the table,
watching our adorable
little baby wiggle around…

very happy tears,
which also brought back
happy memories of watching
wiggle on the screen at her
12 week ultrasound 1.5 years ago.

The technician called
an acrobat
because she wouldn’t stop moving.

This baby was also moving a lot,
but definitely a little calmer
than our first.

We got some pictures,
which I’ll try to post later,
and then came out of the room
and gave my mom the thumbs up
from across the room
so she didn’t have to wait an extra second longer
to know that
this little grandchild is healthy,
alive and kicking.

I am so thankful.

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  1. Oh my god, I was on the edge of my seat reading this! So glad your little one is ok. I know what you mean about that long minute of waiting…..

  2. I’m glad that you and the little one are alright.
    I was so frightened when I read the first bit of your post. I’m sure I would feel exactly the same if they wanted to call another doctor in. Again.
    Glad that your baby is moving around and growing so well. xx

  3. It`s great to hear such good news. πŸ™‚ By the way we have visited Skagen last week, too. We spent our holiday in Denmark and I must say you choose a very nice country to live in. Have a nice weekend.

  4. That is awesome news! I agree with another comment…this update had me on the edge of my seat. Oh I am more than happy for you!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and trusting that in the new year we will be rejoicing with you for Malou’s little sibling’s live birth. I must tell myself…THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!! Sending love and hugs to all of you! Darby πŸ™‚

  5. Yippeee!!!! I’m glad your little dancer is healthy! Did it look like she was trying out a few of her mother’s dance moves? Tell Barb hi and have a great visit.

  6. Such a scary time for you all but thank goodness all was well in the end. It is so amazing that they put “inexperienced” technicians in to examine those who have had trauma. These things are really meant to test us! We can do without these tests, I think. Anyway have a great trip to B and it was lovely seeing you all on Tuesday. Take care.

  7. Soooo happy that everything looks great! I know ultimately that it’s nice that we have these tests available, but sometimes it is better not to know all that could possible go wrong. I say this from personal experience πŸ™‚
    Miss you and hope that you are having a great time with your mom.

  8. That’s such great news! But I can’t imagine all the tense and nervous feelings you had to go through just waiting for the news. I’m so happy for all of you that you have a healthy active little mover with you. Enjoy the rest of your time with your mom πŸ™‚ Lots of love!

  9. Wonderful! I am so happy! Reading your post had me holding my breath, so I can’t even imagine what you, Tom and your mom were going through. I am so so happy the news was so good! Love to all of you!

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