A mother’s sorrow

I recently finished the book Paula
by Isabel Allende
(one of my absolute favorite writers)
whose daughter Paula
died in her 20s.

Isabel writes,
“It came to me how for countless centuries women have lost their children, how it is humanity’s most ancient and inevitable sorrow. I am not alone…”

That gave Isabel comfort.
I cannot say it gives me a lot of comfort.
I don’t want anyone to feel this sorrow,
let alone myself.
I don’t want to be
just another countless woman.

But yet, yes,
there is something comforting
about not being alone.
About having people,
mainly blogging friends,
who have been in the same place.

It’s a shitty road to travel,
but I swear,
some of the most amazing women
are on this same journey.

also wrote
and about her daughter who was essentially in a coma,

“Where was my daughter
before I brought her into the world?
Where will she go when she dies?”

I wonder the same thing.

Because that’s the only place
ever was.

 If I knew where that was,
I’d go there in a heartbeat.

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  1. Comforting and terrifying all at once isn’t it?Knowing we are not alone.
    If you find out where our babies are, let me know because I’m coming with you…..

  2. I also like Isabelle Allende’s writing., It is scary not knowing but maybe that is what keeps us interested and having faith that it is a “better place” I like to believe that. You are not alone and this blog is a great idea to help each other.

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