Malou’s Poem

My brother Zach
wrote this about
on this date last year.

I bolded my favorite parts.
Thank you, Zachy.


She brought us smiles, she brought us joy,
She brought us ‘topics to letters’ we could all enjoy,
She was brought to a sudden end, however,
She didn’t forget to bring us all together.
She sent us searching for unique names,
She sent some of us out for baby shopping games.
And though we send tears to our cheeks that fall,
We will remember the smiles she sent most of all.
She was big in that tummy growing each day,
Bigger and bigger in all the pictures sent our way.
With the mom in the photos gleaming ear to ear,
Her dad was so proud you could tell from Denmark to here.
She never saw this world of ours
and could only listen from inside,
But now she gets the chance to listen
to all the prayers sent worldwide.
And lest we underestimate
the impact she leaves behind,
One tiny footprint visible now
that will only grow with time.
She is in our hearts and in our prayers,
She is in all of us as and in all who care.
And though it seems that we barely even knew,
We will never be able to forget
The Baby Girl named Malou.

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