4 days…

A year ago tomorrow
is the last day that
was alive.

But it feels like it was
a year ago today
because it was a Sunday.

We spent 8 hours or so
in this park
(I was working):

Gisselfeld Park

I came home with a stomachache
that prompted us to go to the
hospital at about 7 that night.

we spent getting
knocked up.

the embryo transfer.

First we went
for a pre-transfer
acupuncture session
where I had 9 needles
stuck into me
from (literally) head to


Then we called
and got better news
than I had even dared
to hope for!

Out of the 6 eggs retrieved
5 fertilized and developed.

I was going to feel
happy with 2,
so this was really an extra blessing.

We had about an hour to kill
so we took a walk
on the harbor
outside of Copenhagen

Pre-transfer walk

and enjoyed
how quiet and peaceful
it was.

We then drove to the hospital,
passing the Copenhagen Marathon runners
because that is where I thought I would be
at this time last year,
as it was going to be
 my post-pregnancy goal
back when I thought
I’d give birth in July
and we wouldn’t
be obsessing about TTC)

and also passing
this strange lady
near the hospital elevators:

Hospital statue

I can’t believe I have never
noticed her before.

It kind of reminds me
of the Virgin Mary,
but she’s holding
some type of TV
instead of Jesus.

Totally random
so I had to take a pic.

We arrived at the clinic

Transfer day

which was deserted
on this Sunday morning,
walked down the hall
with all the doors open
(is that supposed to be symbolic?)

Transfer day

This hallway
is where we spend a lot of time

Pretty depressing, isn’t it?

Well, today it was

With the nurse
holding my hand,
Tom stroking my forehead
(far away from the “action”
that makes him a bit queasy)
and me having “only”
two good luck charms this time
(grandma’s ring
and mom’s mother’s day gift to me)

the doctor
put two 8-celled embryos
into my uterus.

When I saw them
in the syringe
(sorry, no photo)
I was overwhelmed
with love.


It was all over with quickly
(the remaining 3 embryos
were frozen)

and then we went back to
the acupuncture clinic
for 8 more needles:


(I tried to do a bunch
of visualization during the
30 minutes the needles were in me)

And that was our morning!

I am trying to “relax” and enjoy
the fact that, technically,
I am pregnant with twins.

At least,
right now.

It’s such a fine line
between being
hopeful and realistic.

I want to be positive,
and I can’t help but be hopeful,
but it certainly
feels like the fall is harder
when I am too much of either.

I won’t have to fall this time.

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  1. Oh great 5 out of 6. Really good news. 🙂
    May I ask you some questions:This is the first time you got 2 embryos, am I right? Is this because of this research project?
    What about the acupuncture? What was the feeling like? Do you feel something? Some people say it´s like a warm breeze coming through your body. I hope I´m not asking to much. Just tell me if it´s to much.
    And now one last thing to say: Think positive! We will send all good thoughts we have.

  2. I was happy to talk to you yesterday and hear you were feeling ok. Your post is great, it was good to follow your day. I am positive and will keep yopu in my prayers and thoughts, of course. We look forward to see you on Thursday.

  3. Hi Pati.
    This is the first time they transferred two embryos, but it isn’t because of the research project. It is because we asked for two in order to increase our chances of getting pregnant this cycle (and we’re okay with the risk of twins). It increases the chances of getting pregnant by about 15%, and then if it actually works, the chance of twins is about 30%.’

    The acupuncture kind of hurts when the needle goes in (it feels like it hits a nerve to me) but then it goes away and it is all psychological – I don’t particularly like the feeling, but in reality, I don’t think I feel much of anything. 🙂 I have tried it once before and this time was much better. And I was very relaxed and tired afterwards. It seems to work for a lot of people, for a lot of different things. I hope it works for me!

  4. How long do you have to wait before a pregnancy test would show up positive? I am so excited for you and Tom! I’ll be praying for you! Lots of love, am

  5. […] journey in love and hope* From hormones and acupuncture to amazement and hope it’s been 8 loooooooooong months of love and fear anxiety and […]

  6. […] we tried again. […]

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