A day in my life

Are you curious?

With so many of my
friends & family
on the other side of the world,
I know it is easy for you to
worry about me.

So I will give you a glimpse of
a normal day for me.

(absolutely no offense taken
if you skip this post,
which will probably be boring
to most of you!
Probably Mom will be the only one
to read it through in its entirety.)

I woke up at 5.30
snoozed my alarm
until 5.50, thereby
missing my 6.33 train to work,
so took the 6.43 which is oddly enough
much less crowded,
arrived at my destination at 7.03
meaning I was already late
as I normally work 7am – 3pm.

Enjoyed the early morning
spring air
on a brisk 10 minute walk
to the office from the station.

Worked (won’t bore you with that)
and laughed with colleagues about the
ongoing saga with my work’s
new health insurance

(Have you ever had an eye/ear/lung/etc. disease as a result of grief?
Have you ever been diagnosed with breast cancer as a result of grief?
Do you think I’m kidding? I’m not! But all I can do is laugh.)

Took a taxi to
The Royal Library
for a tour
(this is work-related
and was a lot of fun)
and caught
the water bus back to the office
(reminded me of my days
commuting to work
via a speedboat in Belize!).

Grabbed a late lunch
with a colleague
in the canteen
(had a big salad,
a vegetable pancake,
and pork in a banana sauce –
our canteen can get a bit creative).

Cooed over my friend’s
(and former colleague)
baby boy,
whom you saw in an earlier post,
as she brought him in to the office
for a visit.

Worked a bit late
(we have a holiday today).

At 4pm met with another colleague
to study for our driver’s license test
(yes, I still have to get a Danish license).

Walked back to the train station,
realized the time at 5.22
and ran for the 5.23 train.

Watched the conductor’s
self-satisfied smirk
as she took off
about 2 seconds before
I could jump on.

Finally got back to my home station
around 6pm,
rode my bike the 10 minutes home,

Tom a Happy Birthday!

Went out to eat at
our favorite
Vietnamesisk restaurant
where we enjoyed
fresh spring rolls,
wonton soup,
and a rice noodle dish.

Came home exhausted,
but couldn’t fall asleep,
so we decided to watch the
rest of the movie Revolutionary Road
but didn’t make it all the way through
(it takes me on average
3-4 tries before I can see a home movie
all the way through,
as movies tend to be like a
sleeping pill for me).

Finally fell asleep
and woke up at 4.30 am

You can probably guess
why I am nervous,
but I am sick of talking about TTC
so I will save that post
for Sunday’s embryo transfer.

There you have it!

Not too exciting,
but like I said,
I want to reassure you
that I am keeping busy,
living my life,
and not breaking down
every minute.

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  1. I love to travel yet I’ve never been to Europe, so I do find this post rather interesting. 🙂 Your trains probably beat sitting through 12 red lights every day on the way to work in heavy traffic. I got a new stroller and I thought about you because it’s a European model and the instruction manual is in 17 languages! One of them is Danish. You would never find an American product with a manual like that! 🙂 Good luck with your license test.

  2. I loved hearing about every minute of your day…I am sure everyone else did as well. 🙂 (spoken like a true mother right?)

    Love you…

  3. Happy Birthday to Tom. The Vietnamese restaurant sounds great.
    I loved to read all you your day. 🙂

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