It truly is like being on
an irritating,
as opposed to exhilarating,

After one of the hardest weekends
I’ve had in awhile,
celebrating Mother’s Day
in the hospital with
my very good friend
and her newborn baby boy

(amazed at the miracle
of a newborn breathing,
not so much jealous
as sad at what
is missing)

I am now back
in the the
land of hope.

Yesterday I started
hormone treatment
for our next IVF.

For those that wanted to see
the syringe shot last time,
here you go:

IVF Round 2

This is of course
not a shot of
an embryo,
but rather gonal-f
which will force me to produce
around 10 eggs.

while at the hospital,
I ran into a girl
I used to go to Danish class with –
she was in fertility treatment
way back then,
over 2 years ago.

She STILL doesn’t have a baby.

Now that is a scary thought.

We’ll find out if this cycle takes
about a week after

I never ever thought
I’d arrive at
her birthday
and not be pregnant.

But one thing I’ve learned,
Life is full of the unexpected.

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  1. Good on you for visiting you friend with her new baby and congratulations to her. It must have been hard yet lovely to see them both. Your friend from school should give you hope, hope and faith that you can keep going and you will have the help needed. I have news from yesterday for you. Another of our friends from school, Natasha, had a little boy on 3rd May. Be happy for her and I know your turn is coming now. Maybe it is boy time now and the next cycle is little girls, “sugar and spice and all things nice” Think what fun we will have. 🙂

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