A random collection of thoughts

Because this mother
probably doesn’t already have enough
she is convicted and fined
for the death of her unborn baby boy

after being in a car accident.

Trust me, Dubai Court of Prosecution,
or whatever you call yourself,
forcing a woman to pay “blood money”
doesn’t help anyone.

I mean, really,
what’s the lesson here?
This mother is already scarred for life,
of that I can assure you,
and if you think
a fine and conviction
will force other pregnant women
to ride in the backseat
from now on,
you’re wrong.

the death of this innocent little boy
might do that.

But not your stupid fine.

I’d like to meet the judge of this case.
I have a few words for him
(going out on a limb
and assuming the judge is a man


Did you know
Keanu Reeves
has a child?
I didn’t.

His daughter
was stillborn.

the mother
died later in a car accident.

I read that they broke up
after their baby’s stillbirth
(but remained good friends)
and that the mother
“post-partum depression.”

Um, yeah.

Also called,
“post-death-of-baby depression.”

I’m not knocking
post-partum depression.

And I’m not saying
a woman who had a stillborn child
couldn’t have post-partum depression.

But it just seems like any parent
would have some depression
when their child dies,
so the label seems a little ridiculous.


And I always thought it was


Denmark is the world’s happiest place.

Not much to say about that.

Just interesting.


For my Danish friends…
just came across this quote
in an article
with the priest Johannes Møllehave:

Hvis du holder op
med at tale om
og tænke på den døde,
så dræber du ham anden gang.

loosely translated

If you stop
talking about
and thinking about the deceased
then you kill them all over again.

I can’t imagine ever stop
talking about my

do you think by buying this
family car
that we are sending a clear enough
message to the universe
that we are
ready to be parents?

Fiat Marea

And yes, I know,
a stationwagon is one step away
from a minivan.

But you know what?
Somehow being a “soccer mom”
doesn’t sound so terrible anymore. 😉

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  1. Some intertesting thoughts .-) especially the one about Denmark. I love the new car. I was a girl guide right through from age 7 – 15 yrs and the motto “BE Prepared” has always served me well. It will you too:-) I look forward to seeing it soon.

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