Frozen embryo transfer

Or as we like to call it in fertility land

Just a quick update on our TTC journey.

On Friday
we have an appointment
at the public hospital
to discuss our next steps
for IVF.

And they will also determine
when they can transfer our
little frozen baby.

From my calculations
they will transfer
this little 4-celled guy
(I think it’s a boy
for some reason)
on or around Monday.

The biggest obstacle
here is if the embryo
is “defrosted” successfully
(about a 60% chance).

Since we only have the one embryo,
if it doesn’t survive
we are out of luck for this month.

they would defrost
more than one at a time
and implant at least two,
because the chances of implantation
occuring with a frozen embryo
is also lower.

says Stephanie while covering her ears

This is my baby
and I am going to do my best
to bring him (or her)

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  1. Good luck with this, we look forward to hearing positive progress. Remember, we love you.

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