TTC in the Media

When we recently watched
the movie
Marley & Me
I was strangely
a bit happy
when Jennifer Aniston’s character
had a miscarriage.

(does that make me a horrible person?)

It’s just because I am so tired
of the media
showing only
happy stories
of getting pregnant.

Two people
in love
deciding in one romantic
momentous occasion
that they want to
“make a baby”
and then it happens like that.

Or often
it turns out that
ha, ha, ha
they already are pregnant
so wasn’t that perfect timing
to decide they wanted to “try”?

Ghost Whisperer
(at least the season I am watching)
has another issue.

The main character
is struggling to get pregnant.

And again,
I am a bit happy
at the honesty portrayed.

Of course
in Marley & Me
the character
cries, goes on vacation,
gets knocked up
and then proceeds
to accidentally
have 2 more healthy children.

That’s right, Hollywood,
don’t make it too real.

That’s depressing.

It certainly wouldn’t
“sell” as well.

I am bracing myself
for the Ghost Whisperer
to get pregnant soon.

Speaking of pregnancy…

(that could sound dramatic
but no big news here)

I wrote a few weeks back
that I needed a break
from hearing about
new pregnancies.

I was really concerned
that this break
we are on from TTC
would make my fragile self
even more fragile,

you get the point.


I am feeling better
than I thought I would

(plus I’ve upped my
therapy sessions
to once a week again
and of course
being off of hormones
for the first time in
6 months can’t hurt either)

and am trying to see
my new world
(yes, it still feels
very new,
a world without
from a different perspective.

I AM happy for all of you
4,368,597 lovely women
I know who are pregnant.

The fact that I want to be
doesn’t mean anything.

And in fact
I realize
that most of you who are
actually understand
my frustrations
and angst
and fears
better than most.

Tom was suprised
when he saw me talking
to my close friend
(who is 36 weeks pregnant)
because I was perfectly
happy to talk to her about her pregnancy,
reassure her about the birth,
feel her baby’s kicks,
and so on.

I said,

“See, I’m NOT a bi*ch.” 🙂

But honestly
it is because I am happy for her
and am looking forward
to holding her baby boy
when he is born safely
into this world.

I feel the same for you.

So the ban is off.

You can come out of the woodwork now.

I want to share your joy
instead of wallowing in my sadness.

new perspective!)

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  1. Hi, you are just too amazing, interesting, funny and insightful for words. All in one day’s “work” at your website. 🙂 Now, if I could just think of who is pregnant now… while the ban is off. It seems to me there was someone, but I can’t for the life of me think who it was now. What a good mom I am, I put it right out of my mind.

    Also I have NEVER thought you were the “B” word. Maybe a bit crabby and touchy at times…

    Love you always.

  2. EEK! Mom just told me that Marley & Me is based on a true story!! I had no idea. So I’m not REALLY glad she had a miscarriage. I just thought it was made-up Hollywood.

    And to clarify, Tom never called me a bi*ch either! 🙂


  3. At first I thought it was absolutely inappropriate to call you, but I am glad I did last Friday. Thanks for your support and for calming me down.

  4. I have not seen the film yet but I have said I would like to. Now I know it’s true, I know I will see it with different eyes. You are not a “B”, not any more than the rest of us 🙂 Hugs.

  5. […] I used to be angry when tv or movies would only portray happy endings… […]

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