WOW – What a Quilt

(inside joke for my family)

What a quilt.

I am amazed by the love
my family
shows for me, Tom, and mostly
our daughter
Malou Amelia.

my cousin Cynthia
flew halfway across the world
on stand-by
to visit us for 2 days
and we had a GREAT time
visiting with her
and her husband Mike
(who was the pilot of the plane
and hence the short layover).

Not many people
will fly so far
for such a short time
so thanks again,
Mike and Cynthia!

they brought
this beautiful quilt
that the lovely women
of my family
all contributed to
in honor of little

Every year
the women in our family
travel to the beach
and the outcome of that weekend
is usually a handmade quilt
that is passed around
from home to home.

This year
the theme was hearts for

It is so beautiful,
and so very special.

I know I will treasure it forever.

It makes me so happy
to think of all the love
that went into this
and that my family,
even though they never met
know and love her
and embrace her
as a part of our family.

Below are some pictures
with a few close-ups
(but I’m not picking favorites!
I love ALL the squares! :))

And a very special thank you to

Malou's Quilt by WOW




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  1. This brought tears to my eyes – that quilt is so incredibly beautiful! What a work of love! I quilt myself, but I have never thought of doing anything so meaningful for somebody. You, your husband, and Malou all have a wonderful family who love you!

  2. What an incredible gift and tribute to your sweet baby. You have an amazing family! I am so glad they take good care of you. Lots of love, am

  3. I agree “WOW! What a Quilt!” and what a fabulous family you have. That is really something special. You could put it on the wall too, a reminder of the strong love in your family. A very rare thing in this day and age, I think. I love it. Hugs.

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