Little feet

Malou's Little Feet

Malou's Little Feet

My “Indian” name
was Little Foot
(remember that,
Dad and Hank?)

but now when I think of
little feet
I think of
gorgeous little feet
and toes.

Here they are
in her daddy’s hands.

I love you so much, Malou Amelia. Every single part of you is so perfect and precious to me. I want so badly to tickle your toes and feel your fingers grab my face and blow raspberries in your tummy and hear your giggle. Most of all, I want to look you in your eyes so you can see my love for you.

Tiny little foot

Tiny little foot

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  1. What precious little feet! Oh my goodness, so beautiful!!

  2. She does have beautiful tiny feet and she does see the love you have for her even if you can’t look into her eyes. You just need to look into your heart and she will know…

    I am still praying and praying that this is the child that will stay.

    Love you.

  3. So tiny & so precious. She is all precious and will always be in our hearts. Hugs.

  4. Her feet and toes are so beautiful, just like the rest of her! I bet you can hear her giggling with laughter just at the thought of tickling her sweet little feet…I can. And I bet that somewhere in that nice, safe, and happy place where Malou is, she is smiling and laughing along with you. I’m thinking of you everyday…Love you 🙂


  5. So sweet. I wish she was here too. Thank you for sharing the pictures and thoughts in these passages. I look forward to that special day that you hold your baby in your arms and you can do all the tickling and touching and looking that you want!


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