One sad day…

I have been doing pretty good
for the most part

But this weekend
I was sad.

Not in a horrible,
can’t get off the couch
sort of way
but just with a
subdued sad acceptance
where my heart
felt gently bruised
rather than the painful aching
I normally feel when sad.

(on a normal “non-sad” day
my heart just feels a little heavy
with some occasional jolts
of sadness —
who knew the heart
had so many sensations?)

when I am sad
I tend to withdraw
and want to cry alone
or at

But on Saturday
I woke up crying
and Tom heard
and cuddled into me.

We spent the morning
in bed
talking about

It was sad
but lovely.

We talked about
how different
our lives would be
if she were here.

How she would be —
no, should be —
about 6 months old now

and as we lay in each other’s arms
Tom said
should be right here
next to us
in bed
and I swear
I could almost feel her.

Our lives have changed
so very much
in such a short time.

I know that happens
to so many people
around the world
where in the blink of an eye
their whole world
whether for the better
or the worst.

I am not special
or unique
in feeling this way.

But my God

Our lives would be
so much better with

Her death
set into motion
a series of events that,
although not terrible
by any means,
are just different
and not what we have planned,
worked for, or wanted.

We are creating
a new normal
and it is hard.

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  1. I think it is great to lie in each others arms and think of “what might have been” This is a special relationship between you two and it keeps getting stronger. Only good. We all “dream” sometimes about the “what If” (we won lotto or something) and it is healthy. I think it helps us to take stock and REALLY think. Soon it will be time to dream of your life with Malou’s sibling then you will be dreaming about the two of them etc. It is healthy and normal. Remember always Steph, we love you and only want the best for you and you have the best husband right at your side. Everything else will eventually fall into place. Hugs.

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