Come to mama!

*IVF Update*

On Sunday
I had a scan
to check the status of my eggs
and the doctor actually said,
“Well, that looks pretty shitty!”
because I only had two
good-sized eggs.

But today
(new doctor –
new scan)
I had 4
good-sized eggs
(and one smaller one,
sizes 11, 13, 14, 16 & 18
for those interested in IVF).

The doctor
was explaining everything
to the medical student
in the room
and commented on one egg
in particular
and I said,

“Hello, baby…
come to mama!”

(we’ll see if s/he listens)

and the doctor
then found another egg
and said,
“and here’s a brother
or sister”

A doctor who gets my relationship
to my eggs!

I’ve been working
really really hard
this week
to stay positive
and trust that this will all work
out how it is supposed to be.

And so it is quite
to take only
one more hormone shot
in the stomach

and then

Friday morning
we will
Tom’s “goods”
I will
have my eggs

We hope all 4-5 come out
and then
we hope and pray
that at least one
will fertilize.

Next step
would be two days later
(this Sunday the 1st of March)
we are so lucky
as to have an egg fertilize

the doctor
will place
it inside my uterus.

comes the most
hopeful two-week wait yet!

Whoa, girl,
calm down.

I am probably getting ahead of myself
(of course
calculating the due date
of this potential child
must also count
as getting ahead of myself,
so there is no ‘probably’ about it).

One thing at a time.

First: get the eggs out.

Second: get an egg fertilized.

Third: get the embryo implanted.

Fourth: manage to get through 9 months.

So for those who want to be
my silent cheerleaders –

please send your
good thoughts
this weekend!

We need them.

Thank you.

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  1. Silent? Who ever heard of silent cheerleaders. They are loud, often obnoxious in their enthusiasm!

    Sending a ton of obnoxious support from across the world that fertilization and implantation occur, and that you get the wonderful news you (and everyone else cheering for you)have been waiting for.


  2. I am begging, praying and cheering for you guys at the top of my lungs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am pleased this doctor understood a little of how you are feeling. Maybe this is the “one” to deliver the goods. Great the student was there as it enabled you to get a running commentary. Keep positive, I am and it WILL happen. My prayers are with you these next few days. You are allowed to be enthusiastic and look forward. Malou would want that too. She is waiting to see her little brother or sister too. Hugs.

  4. Ahhh, you guys are the best. 🙂 Thanks for the cheers! I will keep you updated.

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