Thoughts on IVF

As I mentioned before
the Catholic Church
(amongst others, I’m sure)
is against IVF.

I don’t let the Church
determine what I feel is right
in my life
but instead
I do a lot of research
in many areas
(including my heart :))
before making a decision,
which is exactly what I did
with this.

I looked at
the religious,
and more importantly
(in my mind)
as well as the scientific ones
and concluded
that I am  willing
to do IVF
but we will start with
a “mild version
so that I won’t produce
so many eggs
and we won’t be in the position
in the future
of having to throw away

That is one thing
I will not do
and in fact
get quite protective
of these
future embryos
which the doctors
at our appointment

I truly puzzled them.

They kept trying to tell me
they were just cells.

Yeah, but my cells.
And my husband’s.

Just how

Here in Denmark
they also don’t implant
more than one embryo
so we won’t be
in the situation
of deciding whether or not
to “reduce” a fetus
if I got pregnant with multiples.

Don’t get me wrong –
I don’t want to end up
like the woman
in the media recently
who had octuplets-
I also couldn’t imagine
a child of ours.

So in this way
I feel good about
this mild IVF
and hope
it’s just the thing we need.

I thank God
that I live in
today’s day and age
where knowledge has developed
to the point where
we know
the science behind

Did you know
that even when
I am ovulating
multiple eggs
and millions of sperm
are inserted directly
into my uterus and fallopian tubes
at the precisely perfect time
I still only have a
10-18% chance of becoming pregnant?

And that
even when I have ovulated
and healthy eggs
are extracted
and millions of sperm
are placed together with the eggs
there is only a 40% chance
that conception will occur
and only a 25% chance
that a live baby
will result?

you’d think there would be a
100% chance.

But that’s not the case,
even with Science interfering.

To me
(just my personal opinion here)
this means there is something else
at force.

I do think children are
God’s blessings
and that they are a miracle

and that God is involved in this miracle
even when fertility treatments
are the method used.

I pray He is with me
on this next step of our journey.

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  1. Since I’m not Catholic I won’t speak in specific reference to that – but I think the main issue with in vetro is what you mentioned – people, who are so desperate to get pregnant, once blessed with a baby or more, are faced with the decision of what to do with the embryos, the life that was created.

    It boggles my mind that a doctor thinks a medical degree gives him the authority to determine when life exists and when a soul is created. To me that is such arrogance.

    God has given us amazing medical advances and I don’t think all of it is bad but just because it is there doesn’t mean that it is good either. I think that knowing what you will do beforehand is the most important decision.

    Another think I thought of that I learned recently, is that although we lose much meaning in the English language, original translations of the bible give us much deeper insight as to what things mean. I believe the bible to be Truth as well as a way to navigate all decisions in this life. It’s been distorted and improperly sighted for so many things but that is a human thing not a supernatural flaw.

    Anyways, what I learned what that the word for “baby” in the bible is used when talking about Mary and her pregnancy with Jesus, as well as describing Jesus, after he was born, lying in the manger. There is no difference. As humans we may want to rationalize or pretend, but we aren’t the final authority. Life is so precious, and even though the doctors can put the “cells” together in a lab they certainly can’t make them multiply and grow into a child. “Science” can only go so far. I’ll be praying for wisdom and peace for you and your husband as you start on this new path…

  2. You have done the right thing, settling in your mind exactly what you want & why. This is a great thing. Cross exrta bridges as you come to them and do not worry about something that might not ever happen. You listen to your heart and body and have not gone into this blind. You have done all the relelvant research so now it is time to proceed. I pray for you. Hugs.

  3. Thanks, Willow and Carolyn, for your comments. I really appreciate hearing other people’s perspective, especially when I am in such turmoil (well, that is probably too strong of a word, but you get the idea) about this. I hope and pray this is the right direction for us to take. We had a scanning today and there are less eggs than we’d like, but I am trying to stay positive and just trust that it will all work out how it is supposed to be.

  4. hey,
    you totally did the right thing by giving life to a child. i mean its hard enough knowing that you cant have a baby with your partner let alone having catholic people criticise you for having IVF

    Good on you and good Luck for the future.

  5. […] thank God for science. I truly believe IVF is part science, part miracle and that God approves no matter what the Catholic Church says. Published […]

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