Another negative pregnancy test.

I know a lot of you
were waiting just as anxiously
as me
so thanks for your good wishes.

The good news is
that we met with
the public fertility clinic
and after a bit of drama
we are ready to move on to
in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

This has been a bit tougher
than I anticipated.

I am really having to let go
of naturally conceiving
which makes me even more
thankful for

She truly was our little miracle.

But I am confident
that it will work.

Here in DK
we get 3 free tries
with so-called “fresh cycles”
(if we ever end up freezing
we can get as many extra tries
as necesary to use them all up)

I realize I am lucky.

We only had to pay
for the medications,
which was about 200 usd.

I hope this is our month.

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  1. Time for a fresh start. This is “it”. It may take time but all is in your favour. You are young, healthy and fertile and have a wonderful hubby so it WILL go ahead. Good luck. Hugs

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