Things are looking up

I went to a
new psychologist
and it went

I can tell
that she is so much
better suited to me.

I left feeling
that she will help
me develop
some coping tools.

I also received
a very kind message
from a person
very close to me
who took a long time
to get pregnant
but decided not
to go the route of
investigation and
fertility treatment.

Obviously not my route ūüôā
So it was good for me to hear this.

Here are some of her words:

Why think everyday if¬†I was going to have a child when¬†I could think about the day¬†I would have one? It isn’t easy but it is much more peaceful then thinking that I would never have a child.

Until that day comes, enjoy life.

You have to keep the hope. Why can’t you have a child, why won’t you. Why let that fear take¬†hold of you? You have been pregnant before and you can do it again.¬†Instead of hating your body, embrace it and¬†remind yourself that you carried a baby and it knew how to do it. Unfortunately Malou wasn’t supposed to spend her time¬†here on earth but that does not mean you are cursed for life. Don’t give in to the negative thoughts and let them destroy you. You are strong and can battle through this.

It is kind of like God. We could think it is a hoax and that He is not real. Or we can embrace the fact that He is real and  live each day in comfort that He will take care of us and provide for us.

See the relationship between the two?¬†We can’t see God but we can believe in Him and¬†feel peacefulness. It isn’t written in stone you will have a baby but you have every right to believe¬†that you will get pregnant.

 It will allow you to feel calmness, patience, and happy about what you have, you get to enjoy your days, etc. Or you can go to that dark place that scares you and allows you to believe you will never have a child. Why???? You can and will. Hang on to the hope.

Babies are miracles and miracles happen all the time. Throw away all the science in it and just believe. Stop wanting to control every detail and let things fall into place.

Fight the darkness. It is a tough fight but you can do it. You are stubborn as all get out and can fight this battle. You will win!!!!

Just the
kick in the butt
I needed.

it’s a little helpful
to someone else
out there
as well.

Here’s to feeling
more positive
and embracing the goodness
in life,
and that includes
of course.

I love you so much, my beautiful baby girl. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I miss you more than I can bear but I am so very thankful that I am your mama.

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  1. Beautiful words and so true. There always different ways to see things and these are good thoughts. Enjoy what you have and more will come when you least expect it. Hugs.

  2. Wow, what great words of advice. It may be hard for you to follow every day, but I especially like the part where she says that until you do have a child “enjoy life”. I hope you can do that, for there IS a lot out in your world that you can enjoy. Especially with your wonderful, supporting husband and all your friends (and of course family). You are lucky in so many ways.
    Love you all the way to Denmark and back.

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