Another try…

Sunday morning
Tom and I
held hands
and looked each other
lovingly in the eyes
as a very nice doctor
from Bornholm
inseminated me
with 10 million
hopefully strong swimmers.

Then we waited
to ensure
nothing essential
slipped out

and while waiting
(I won’t paint the picture for you
of our exact positions)
the doctor, Tom and I
had a very pleasant
about Bornholm.

Totally surreal.

There was only the one egg
but I guess that’s all it takes.

Everything looked “perfect”
in terms of the size of my egg
and other things
I won’t go into here
but nevertheless
point to about the perfect time
for conception.

So I am officially in
the two-week wait
which is not exactly
my favorite place to be.

I wish we could find out
if it worked.

But we can’t

So I will take it easy
eat healthy
etc. etc.
and try not to stress!

Since that is everyone’s
favorite piece of advice. 🙂

I tend to place more
faith in science and God
than I do in my ability
to relax…
but I will do my best.

Whatever helps.

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  1. Fingers crossed :.) I pray all works well but you stay happy and think of the funny situation with the Bornholmsk doctor. It must make you smile. Hugs

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