TTC Update

My egg production
(wow, sounds like a factory)
was measured

and I have one nice-looking
(so said the doctor)
15 mm egg
that has knocked out the competition
of a few puny little ones
and is all ready for insemination
(well, almost).

Sounds romantic, huh?

So I am set for an injection
to stimulate ovulation on Friday evening
and then Sunday morning
at 10:45 local time
we will have another IUI treatment.

Please send all your good thoughts this way!
 That includes prayers, baby dust, positive energy,
singing Kum Ba Yah,
whatever floats your boat – I will take it!

I don’t have a lot of hope
to be honest
but it is better than
“the natural way”
(and by better, I only mean more productive 🙂 )

and I left the appointment today
with a promise
that if this doesn’t work
I will start different type of
hormone to stimulate
a few extra eggs
(just not a half-dozen)
and that we can continue with IUI
each cycle
until we are referred
to the public hospital
that will do
in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

That was encouraging
the private clinics will only
do 3 IUI treatments
but this means
they will do more
if necessary.

I always have a little high
(natural high, don’t worry)
after these appointments.

It feels good to be doing something.

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  1. I hate the fact that you have to go through all of this, but I am so hopeful for you! I can understand what you mean about feeling good that you’re doing something. I had to laugh at the part about this being the more productive method of baby-making! 🙂 I will definitely be thinking about you on Saturday evening, my time. Good luck!

  2. My heart and prayers will be with you this weekend. I feel it is a good time so we hope nature is willing to do it’s part too but if not you have lots of help coming your way and all will be perfect in the end.

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