Malou’s Life in the womb

She still experienced
than a lot of people
do in a whole

She travelled around Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the USA.

Visited her
mormor and morfar
farmor and farfar
(i.e. grandparents)
every single one of her aunts and uncles

Saw several live concerts
(I think her favorite was

Met people
from over 83 different countries

and on her birthday
she was scheduled
for her first trip in a

You know,
I was scared to do this.

It was an opportunity
I had through work:

fly in a helicopter and land in the middle of nowhere
for a dramatic entrance.

I was scared myself
but thought I should do it for

I thought she’d like it
and be proud of me,
her brave mama.

But on the other hand
I had so much to lose –

I did not want to risk
in any way
or be cavalier
about the precious life I was carrying
and my responsibility towards her.

Now I wonder
if this was God’s way of
protecting us.

Or maybe

What if I had gone on that helicopter trip
instead of going into labor
and that helicopter crashed
and Tom lost both me and

What if she was saving us?

Saving Tom?

Hmmm…even I don’t understand
the way my brain works.

I guess what I am thinking is
that maybe there was a
bigger force
out there
controlling destiny.

That will bring me into my next post… 

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