Malou works her magic

My good friend C.
(don’t want to write your name
in case you’re shy, C.!)

went to NYC recently
and was nice enough
to visit
the church I talked about before

The Church of the Holy Innocents

and another stillborn baby I know
have their names written
in the
Book of Life.

She was looking for someone to unlock
the glass case
that the book is placed in
but since it was a weekend
she had no luck.

Here’s what happened instead…

As I was searching for someone with the magic key, I came across a visiting priest in plainclothes.  Within seconds of meeting us he started going on and on about marriage.  He insisted that we meet a famous visiting priest downstairs.  The priest downstairs would be speaking that afternoon and had a cool history/story that involved working with Mother Teresa.  He started going off about how we should consider marriage cause couples who date years are wasting time.  This priest didn’t even know our names yet.  B. actually wanted to go downstairs to meet the famous priest downstairs…I wasn’t as interested.  However, we got blessed and talked with him for a minute.  The cool part of this story is that all this took place minutes before B. was to propose atop the Empire State Building (our next stop).  It was like that first priest sensed something.  I mean, he didn’t make any small talk at all…just dove into marriage talk!  Crazy!  So, thanks to Malou, we got two priests marriage blessings right before getting engaged.

That’s my girl!

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  1. You can post my name. 🙂 I left that church feeling disappointed that I couldn’t get the pics you wanted but, at the same time, feeling grateful that Malou directed us towards a double marriage blessing minutes before becoming engaged! We would have had no other reason to stop into that church.

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