Life after death

I am a bit consumed
with finding proof
that life does indeed exist
after death.

I believe it
and at times
I feel I have felt it
but still I wanted some more

Stories to inspire me.

So armed with a
gift certificate to Barnes & Noble
(thanks, Krista)
I spent a good hour or more
searching their
spirituality section.

And I came across books by
George Anderson,
a Catholic medium.

I bought one,
Lessons from the Light,
which is filled with
his perspective
after a lifetime of communicating
with people who have died

about what happens after death,
why we are here,
what happens to children and pets
and murder and suicide victims after they die,
how to cope with grief.

Very interesting.

It also has transcripts
of many of his “discernments”
where people come to him
(he says he asks for no information prior)
and then if a spirit shows up
he shares the messages with the person.

I am a bit more skeptical about that
(although of course
I’d give my right arm
to have such a chance
to hear from

But a lot of what he wrote
really makes sense to me.

It matches up with what
I feel in my heart,
what our priest talked about at
about love being the meaning of life,
and other ideas that
I have read in, for example,
Conversations with God
and The Shack.

But in brief
here is what I got out of the book:

Life after death does exist.

Life continues to exist on another, better level.

Death doesn’t hurt. It is peaceful.

Our loved ones hear our prayers.

They want us to be happy and continue our own journey.

We will be reunited with our loved ones when we die.

Every soul comes to Earth to learn lessons.

Some of these lessons are harder than others.

And some people achieve what they are meant to achieve more quickly than others.

We can’t understand until we have also died

but they understand and are content.

Reincarnation does exist but it is a choice.

Reincarnation will never occur

until everyone connected by love

has reunited in Heaven.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts
about life after death
and any inspiring stories you might have…

The next post will show you how
played a little part in my friend’s

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  1. Well, I thought I’d leave this link to another Mark Driscoll sermon because what he says pretty much sums up what I have complete confidence will take place after we die. Since he talks for a living I thought I’d just post the link to his sermon:

  2. Yes, I have had a Near Death Experience and as most NDErs there is no doubt in my mind and soul that life continues. NDEs are the best evidence of life after death that we have.

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