Too Fertile…again

This is the third
fertility doctor
who has now told me
“Du er godt nok frugtbar!”
“You certainly are fertile!”

Then why can’t I get pregnant?

After rushing home
(managing to get a flight out
a day early—
not the easiest task)
we called the doctor
so I could come in for the
ultrasound monitoring
they do
to check how ovulation is going.

They then can pinpoint
when to do IUI.

despite being on only a half dose of Clomid this month
I still managed to grow 5 eggs.

In other words
way too many.

It is too risky
they say
to do an IUI
and in fact
the doctor told us this time
that we shouldn’t even try
“the natural way”
because the risk
of multiples
is too high.

When I asked for clarification
(he was speaking Danish)
I guess he decided to make it easy for me
and said in English,
very slowly and clearly,
“You are not going to get pregnant this cycle.”

Just what a desperately-trying-to-get-pregnant-woman
wants to hear!

I thought
Screw that
(pun not intended).

So we’ll see what we end up with.

I am not holding out too much hope.

We are going to try
next month
but I will take no Clomid.

Fine with me.
The hormones give me hot flashes
and make me moody.
(honestly – I am normally such a sweetheart ;))

The only positive aspect
to this particular appointment
was that
for the first time
a doctor sounded really
about our chances of getting pregnant.

He said he is sure IUI
will work
and that we won’t have to go on to

He even seemed a bit surprised
that it has taken us this long.

That was reassuring.

And hopeful.

Just what I needed.

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  1. Good news that you are so fertile and the doctors are positive in their outlook. Maybe they are right in not trying this month, let the sperm build up. I have been told in my work that it is good to abstain for a month then try at ovulation, this lets the swimmers increase in strength. But, of course, see how the mood takes you. remember, while you are “desperate” it will not happen. I am sure God is waiting for the right time. Try not to focus on this alone, you will have another beautiful baby this year and we will all celebrate with you. Always remember our prayers are with you. Hugs,

  2. Glad to hear of your fertility, sweetie! As always, you are in my thoughts. I love you and wnat the best for you!!

  3. WooHoo!!!! It’s nice to hear some positive news for a change!!!!! Can’t wait for the day to read on your blog…”I’m Pregnant!” I know it’s not too far off.

    Love you! xoxo

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