Love Heals Grief

That’s a quote from the book I am reading.

As usual
being around
Sol Spa
has inspired me
to think more spiritually.

I have read a book
by Brian Weiss

Only Love is Real.

It is about reincarnation.

Which I do believe in
(sort of)
but I also believe in Heaven.

And I believe
is here somewhere
(a place I usually identify as Heaven).

this book has given me
will return to us.

Maybe even with our next child.

(But maybe in the next lifetime
if that exists)

I can already hear you all…
“poor Stephanie,
She has really gone off the deep end.”
“That can’t be healthy,
to think your dead baby
will come back.”

But this is not the first time
I have heard such

A Buddhist book
also mentions that
children only come into the world
when the conditions are exactly right
(don’t ask me to explain, though, why babies are born into abusive situations).

And if the situation is not exactly right
the baby will wait
until a better time
and then arrive.

Here are some excerpts from the book.

Maybe it will get you thinking
as it has done for me.

“During pregnancy
the soul is gradually
more and more
attached to the baby’s body
but the attachment is not complete
until around the time of birth…

You can never harm or kill a soul.
The soul is immortal and indestructible.
It will find a way to return
if that is the plan….

I’ve had cases  where the same soul
after a miscarriage or abortion
comes back to the same parents
in their next baby.”

Before you judge…

just think:

How do you know?

I will end with a quote from the same book
but by Victor Hugo

And still her grief would not abate.
At last she bore another child, and great
Was the father’s joy; and loud his cry: “A Son!”
That day, to thus rejoice – he was the only one.
Dejected and wan the mother lay; her sould was numb…
Then suddenly she cried with anguish wild,
Her thoughts less on the new than on the absent child…
“My angel in his grave, and I not at his side!”
Speaking through the babe now held in her embrace
She hears again the well-known voice adored:
“Tis I, – but do not tell!” He gazes at her face.

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  1. You are not crazy Steph. I have also hear this and believe that sould return when the time is right. I have seen interviews a couple of time on the tv when siblings have returned as children in the same family. It is fascinating. Keep faith. I know you do. You will know Malou again. When you least expect it. Meantime, enjoy your spiritual time in those wonderful surroundings and everything will fall into place. Remember, we love you and are with you in spirit. Hugs.

  2. I love it! I totally agree that Malou is with you and will always be a part of you. It is interesting to think that maybe her soul could return…but it is also exciting to think that a new soul will enter your life. Either way that you look at it having something so powerful in your life is amazing. I also think that anything that you can take comfort in must mean something. That is why there are so many ways to look at life and death, and I strongly believe that it is a different combination of spirituality and faith for every individual. Enjoy 🙂

  3. I don’t necessarily agree, but I’m with you on the point that how do we know? As humans we can only try to figure out these mysteries. It’s certainly possible, and it is a beautiful thought. It’s comforting to think that we will see our babies again, but I think that will happen in heaven, not on earth. Believe me, though, I am not judging. I have some “crazy” thoughts of my own. 🙂

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