I came across another mother’s
post on her blog
about losing her baby boy.

She wrote something
that made me cry
I know the feeling.

She wrote about how
she wants someone else to bring her child up
in conversation.

But how that
won’t happen.

Because no one
-not even me, not really-
had the chance
to get to know

That is hard to handle sometimes.

Please don’t ever be afraid to mention
name to me.
Not now, not 1 year from now, and not 30 years from now.

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  1. We will always talk about Malou, after all, she was your daughter, part of you, and a beautiful part too. I love the video and have looked at it again on this blog and cried just as much as the first time. She is so precious. Her spirit is always with you.

  2. It’s sad that we as mothers have to be the main ones to keep our babies’ memories alive, isn’t it? I know that my family and close friends will never forget, and sometimes they even do bring up Ada’s name, but it’s just not right that our daughters didn’t get a chance to show the whole world how wonderful they are. I do think about Malou often, and I agree with the previous poster about her video. It’s so beautiful.

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