A previous post
generated a lot of
kind emails

(leading to my post entitled Happiness).

Since I have a feeling
that this blog
may be read by many others
who have lost a baby
I am going to post some of this advice.

*Cry when you feel like it

*When you’re ready to stop crying, do something totally different (run, do sit-ups, go outside and take pictures)

*Write down one happy thing each day (no matter how minor)

*Find something funny each day (actively search for it – comics, comedians, etc. I think on-line is a good source)

*Practice happiness, even if you have to “fake it” (i.e. when you start to fill up with sadness and negativity, say something nice out loud or force yourself to laugh)

*Try yoga

*Train for a running (or other sporting) event, preferably with other people

*Take up a new physical activity

*Find music that makes you want to dance (I’ll do this one alone)

*Set aside a certain amount of time each day to think of your child,
cry, look at pictures, etc. Do this every day until you am sick of it.

*Get a massage (not affordable too often, perhaps, but still a nice treat)

*Pamper yourself (even if you feel awful inside, it can help to feel like you are taking care of the outside – for me, this means getting my nails and toes done, eyebrows waxed, etc.)

*Find a new hobby

*Start to volunteer (I am currently looking into this…I’ll let you know what I decide)

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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  1. Lots of good advice for all of us to keep a happy disposition. If we just one or two eg. find something amusing in each day and cry if you feel like it must make us all more calm in the long run. Great if you can do more too. You have a great lot of friends Steph, lots of support and love. You are worth it and we are all there for you. Make use of us all. Big hugs.

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