Isn’t it ironic?

Quick update:

I had my eggs “measured” today
they are all looking good.

All 6 of them.

In fact, after my doctor’s initial cry of
“Good gracious, you’re fertile!”
I was also told that
I am, ironically, too fertile
to legally allow an IUI this cycle.


This gave us two choices:

Attempt an in-vitro fertilization
where they would extract my eggs
and inseminate them with Tom’s sperm
and implant the one or two that “conceived”
and freeze the others.

This would cost us nothing
the treatment was unsuccessful.

If it was successful,
we would have to pay the usual price of private treatment:
5000+ usd.


We could just attempt a “natural try”
this month.

Considering that in-vitro is free through the state
(and we plan on trying it in the new year if the IUI
treatments are unsuccessful)
considering that we are soon going on holiday to
the US, Mexico and Belize
for 6 weeks
in addition
to celebrating
my 30th birthday
(and I like mojitos, margaritas and martinis)

we decided to try the “natural way” this month.

Since we will be travelling for my next cycle,
I got another prescription
to force maybe another 6 or so eggs out
(just in case we aren’t lucky this month).

And my doctor was nice enough
to also give me a (half-dose) prescription for
the following month
should we not be lucky before then.

Then we can try an IUI
(assuming I don’t produce more than 3 eggs)
as soon as we return from our trip in January.

In contrast to last month
(since that didn’t work)
I am doing things a bit differently this time around.

No acupuncture
(it made me feel a little panicky)

No stress
(ha! but I am getting a massage and I am going to try my best NOT to take a pregnancy test before 2 weeks has passed)

No “no’s”
(if I want a glass of wine or a latte, I am going to have one)

No pressure
(ha! again. But I a trying to stay positive but at the same time, accept if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen)

I’ll still take all the good prayers and wishes you want to send.

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  1. Trying the “natural way” and reducing your stress sound like good choices. I’ve decided I’m going to try to not think about it much this month either. I am going to take a test on Thanksgiving day, regardless. Well you know, assuming my body hasn’t told me I’m not pregnant already. It will be day 30.

    Just relax and enjoy your trip!

  2. It is ironic indeed, but also fantastic that you are so fertile! I think you are focusing on all the right things. I wish that logically knowing how to solve a problem would mean that you could emotionally do it too. But, logically knowing is the first step, and even from the sound of your last few entries, it sounds like you are making progress. I am so proud of you. Keep hope in your heart. I am thinking of you every day. All my love, am

  3. Good news you have good eggs. Wise choice (I think) for your plans. TRY to relax and enjoy your trip and Tom’s improving mobility. Have fun. Hugs.

  4. That’s good to hear that you are so fertile 🙂 And I think giving yourself the freedom to be yourself might really help. Even just giving yourself the freedom to feel whatever you are feeling at any given moment can help. I’m sure it will be hard to not feel pressure or stress or fear, but just acknowledging them and trying to work through this whole process can’t hurt. You are such a brave girl. And I’ll be sure to keep sending loving, peaceful, and reassuring thoughts your way. Love, Keely

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