The Two-Week Wait

Anybody woman who has tried to conceive
with or without success
knows what

The Two Week Wait


It sucks.
It’s the two week period where
(if you’re lucky enough to have regular cycles)
you potentially, hopefully
*could* be pregnant
and are waiting the approximately 2 weeks it will take
for a pregnancy test to show

I am halfway through
The Two Week Wait
and I can’t say I am too
(that’s never been my strong suit)

Meanwhile I am living life like I am pregnant:

no heavy lifting
(that includes vacuuming,
which may or may not have any bearing on a successful pregnancy,
but why push it?)
no strenuous exercise
(because somehow I am afraid that
I went to the gym too much when pregnant with
and that I hurt her)
no caffeine
no alcohol
no soft cheeses
(wow, there are a lot of no’s there)

but I am also talking to the potential little one(s)
encouraging him/her/them to stay.
Promising God we’ll take good care of him/her/them
if we can just get the chance.

Your prayers and good wishes are also helping me so much.

I just need to hang on
and then I’ll

But who am I kidding?
I will be taking a test every day from
Saturday onwards.

ok, for the sake of honesty
I’ll admit that I broke down and took one already
only one week since being inseminated
yes, I am crazy
and through intensive googling
found out that every once in a blue moon
some women can get a
as soon as 7 days post-ovulation.

I am apparently not one of those women.
And, like I said,
I am crazy
(and hopeful and desperate too)
but I did see
a shadow of a second line
indicating a positive.

Mind you,
this was only a shadow
and I may have been imagining it
as some sort of
wishful thinking.

No one in their right mind
can probably see the
shadow that I do.

But where I thought I saw the
mysterious shadow line
is the same place that the line
would show up
if it were real.
(I know, because I dug out the tests I took for
all three of them).

But a word of caution
to me and to you:
evaporation lines
false positives
as a result of meds I took this cycle
could give the same
mysterious shadow line.

So we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. This is a “long” 2 weeks. I fully understand. It’s like watching and waiting for the paint to dry. Just think of it as a “social” time and take it easy and have a cuppa or call a friend when you feel anxious. We will be tuned in next Wednesday and all the others after that. All will be revealed in time. (The right time) Hugs from us.

  2. I’m near the end of my 2 week wait too! I actually probably could get a positive right now if I am pregnant, but it still might be too early. My husband is super practical though and he insists that we wait until I’m a week late. He doesn’t want to waste the test or to build up the excitement of testing only to be disappointed. Last time we made it 5 days before I had enough waiting!

    I will be thinking about you on Saturday! 🙂

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